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One Small Flame by Mark Zelinski

In the early 1920's, Kurt Hahn, a remarkable thinker and educator, perceived something missing from the lives of young people. He made it his mission to remedy that deficiency by providing the right environment and instruction to impel individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Hahn's visionary ideas are alive in the world today and in constant evolution through the experiential education programmes that are portrayed in Mark Zelinski's fifth book, "One Small Flame: Kurt Hahn's Vision Of Education." Zelinski travelled to more than 70 Round Square Schools, Outward Bound Centres and United World Colleges worldwide to capture, in photographs and words, this epic story of the human spirit at it most courageous and compassionate moments.

Forewords by
Round Square Patron King Constantine
and The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

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Page 25 | Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

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Along the weathered stone floors in the cloister of Salem Castle, students follow in the
footsteps of the monks who once lived here, and continue a long tradition of learning and living within these ancient walls.

Page 25 | Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

germany,schuleschlosssalem,europe,education,peace,school,roundsquare,experience,students,compassion,fascism,environment,attitude,hope,onesmallflame,sport,sports,physical,run,running,fitness,exercise,unitedworldcollege,outwardbound ,markzelinski

Morning run is part of a long tradition of outdoor pursuits at Salem. The school founder himself, Kurt Hahn, enjoyed participating in the run each morning.

Page 24 | Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

germany,schuleschlosssalem,europe,education,peace,school,roundsquare,experience,students,compassion,fascism,environment,attitude,hope,onesmallflame,sport,sports,physical,hockey,fitness,exercise,unitedworldcollege,outwardbound ,markzelinski

Morning run is part of a long tradition of outdoor pursuits at Salem. The school founder himself, Kurt Hahn, enjoyed participating in the run each morning.

Page 24 | Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

germany,schulschlosssalem,assemblyeurope,education,peace,school,roundsquare,experience,students,compassion,fascism,environment,attitude,hope,onesmallflame,unitedworldcollege,outwardbound ,markzelinski

Before classes begin each morning, all Middle School students, house tutors and staff assemble in the “Zehntscheuer”, the old gymnasium, for a 15-minute assembly.

Page 24 | Schule Schloss Salem, Germany

europe,education,peace,school,roundsquare,experience,students,compassion,fascism,environment,attitude,hope,onesmallflame,unitedworldcollege,outwardbound ,markzelinski

In contrast the rise of fascism following the first World War, Salem (peace) School was founded in 1920 by the brilliant German educator Kurt Hahn. Enclosed by the high castle walls and cathedral, students socialize and study in the privacy of the Middle School inner courtyard.

Pages 22-23 | EUROPE Title Page, UWC Norway


Norway’s Red Cross Nordic United World College provides an incomparable Scandinavian experience. Students from 100 countries arrive here each year and quickly find themselves immersed new environments, new attitudes and new resolutions.

Page 2-3 | ONE SMALL FLAME by Mark Zelinski


Many years ago, a small flame was kindled by a thoughtful man. It was a tiny flame, but it burned so purely that its radiance was noticed by many other thoughtful people. Then one, who loved the darkness, felt threatened and resolved to extinguish the glow of this small fire. But the flame had already caught the wind, conveying it’s warmth and light into new lands.
(Photo by Mark Zelinski 2001 An Outward Bound Kenya expedition descending the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro).


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