Mark Zelinski Photographic Design

All photo assignments and book sales contribute to Mark Zelinski's "Books That Heal" initiative,
so far donating 7,000+ of his books to charities for children worldwide.

The Stock Photography Library of Mark Zelinski is now accessible on the internet.

This library spans Mark's professional career of more than 35 years of photography shot on all seven continents across the world.

Offering a great diversity of compelling images, the content ranges from photographs of modern lifestyles to ancient cultures, professional and amateur sports, various industries including medicine, steel, oil production and aerospace, people at work, at play and at prayer. Among Mark's collection of wild animals in their natural habitat are photographs of zebra, kangaroos, penguins, seals, monkeys, alligators, lizards, and a great variety of birds including heron and toucan.

In addition, macro photography of flora and terra, as well as simple and striking scenics from across the globe, present a myriad of possibilities for environmental or background use.

Prices vary and are dependant upon the rights and usage purchased. All prices will be approximately half of the price of large, established Stock Photography Libraries. The collection of images included here can give only a minuscule glimpse of the range of photographed subjects available. You are invited to email with inquiries about special photographic needs, no matter how common or unusual.

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